Why it is possible to merge several happy birthday GIFs

There are so many happy birthday GIFs you can download online and use them to convey happy birthday messages. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the number of attractive happy birthday GIFs that you feel you should send all of them. Rather than sending two GIFs to one person in order to convey the same message, you should consider putting one GIF on top of the other and including the words happy birthday in german on the final GIF. There are so many ways of accomplishing this and one effective way is to use an image editing software program that supports the GIF format.

Merging two GIFs is the same as merging several images on one big file. The difference, however, is that each GIF will have its own frame. This means that you will be working with several frames on their respective layers in order to merge both GIFs and create a happy birthday gif. Understand that the option of merging two GIFs to make one GIF will depend on whether the image editing software program you are using has the layering option. If this option is available, it will be easy for you to overlap both the GIFs and get one final output.
In the process of merging the GIFs as well as the words happy birthday in german, you will have to copy each GIF’s layers into a different layer and arrange them accordingly. Another point to understand is that GIFs do not require many frames in order to animate the image. If you use many frames, the process of merging both GIFs will be longer. You will also have to factor in image size when merging both GIFs so that you have a final GIF that will not take too long to load. Merging several happy birthday GIFs together is necessary if you want to pass a long message.