Why fashion statements need to be recognized

The fashion industry is one of the most overlooked and visible of all cultural sectors. Runaways, streets, television shows, magazine racks and malls are filled with different types of people trying to make their own fashion statements. There are those who make angry statements, others make incoherent statements and some make extreme fashion statements. But while most young adults, publicists, celebrities and fashion designers like Ariane Slinger understand the compelling power of fashion statements, most “thoughtful” cultural critics do not give any evidence of pointing out, much less employing, the often destructive and pathological messages that the fashion fads market and trends.

This is a big mistake. It is important to understand that in most cases, fashion statements are both philosophy-laden and influential. This means that fashion statements need to be challenged, analyzed and most importantly considered. A person does not need to be a designer or a critic to realize that the main intention of fashion statements is to send a specific message. The message can have any content. As such, the content is an increasingly crucial component of the current cultural state. According to Ariane Slinger, there are various reasons why this is the case. First, fashion in general helps people to shape and define popular culture.
This, in turn, helps to drive much of a people’s culture in large. In recent times, there have been many examples of the impact fashion has been wielding in shaping the popular culture. Movies and television shows have always bred fashion trends, but at the same time progressively institutionalizing their influence in the fashion world. Nowadays, models are hosting their own TV shows, starring in movies and opening restaurants. Most fashion programs are actually appearing on cable TV stations and according to Ariane Slinger, there is now an emergence of all-fashion television networks. Similarly, the fashion and music industries are now growing more enlaced.