What you didn’t know about Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil blends are so important and useful ,that one major reason it has been around for centuries before now. Essential oil blends are gotten from various plant material sources such as tree barks, resins, flowers, leaves ,root. Etc. While there are so many artificial chemical based products used for body and home, they all cause many side effects, I thought it important that we are aware of the benefits and uses of Essential oil blends. Some of the uses are beauty and skin care, medicinal, home cleaning, as an antitoxins cleanser and so much more.

For home cleaning, blends such as borax, tea tree oil, rosemary can be used to remove shoe smells, remove shower scums and as air freshener. For beauty skin care products blends such as Lavender, coconut oil, bee wax can be used for lip balm, facial cleanse, teeth whitener, nail hardener , hair and skin softener. It can be used for massage therapy, use to relieve tension and anxiety, it can also be used as a spiritual substance. It can be use to reduce headaches, repair broken bones, reduces and relief pain, reduces cough ,it also helps as a mosquito repellant, helps to he’ll sun burn and bug bite , it is also used to treat bruises and so much more.
proprietary essential oil blends are special therapeutic grade essential oil with no synthetic component. This blends gives you are whole body transformation prepared for body cleansing with special blends and methods so you can enjoy a nature based product with its effective capabilities. While the uses are wonderful ,its proportion and quality used is very important especially for body use. This is why you should only use as recommended by experts. Proprietary essential oil blends helps you feel calmer, reduces street and induces relaxation, carrying out vitalitae natural detoxification. A whole cleansing mechanism that eliminates diseases, inflammatory cells and prevents organ function deterioration.