The growing popularity of Bitcoin in India

Controversies are not just associated with politics or Bollywood movies. The virtual currency has been a victim of constant nitpicking and controversies after controversies. And hardly there are experts available yet. Bitcoins are no actual coins or currency notes with our father of nation’s picture on it. Bitcoins are digital tokens that are encrypted end to end much like the WhatsApp text threads. This allows bitcoin transactions to be anonymous and mysterious. You can see a bitcoin transaction occur but there is no way you can stop it, if you are not a part of the transaction. Bitcoin exchange in India is taking a slow surge but a surge anyhow.

The interesting fact about bitcoin is that this was invented anonymously too. So an invention that has been invented anonymously is expected to keep everything anonymous. That is absolutely the case with bitcoins. Except your wallet ID nothing else sees the daylight. Your user name doesn’t have to be your name it can be any other name under the sun. What could seem more like a paradise than this for people who are looking for illegal means to stash away their money or use some illegally? This could definitely result in some crime rate increment. However, this hasn’t stopped some best bitcoin exchange in India to set up their business.
You don’t have to go to a shop and haggle with the shopkeeper to find the right deal or to buy or sell bitcoins. Sit at your own comfort zone, relax, use your phone and get things done. To Buy bitcoin in India , all you have to do is get yourself registered with a bitcoin exchange app and log in and you are ready to buy or sell or store your wallet with bitcoins. Suit yourself.