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If you’re searching for a unique and intriguing approach to fundraise if the weather is fine, consider a choice that has gained popularity in recent years — a rubber ducks race! With moderate preparation and strong yields, rubber duck race fundraisers might be the ideal option for your church or spiritual organization.

What is a Rubber Duck Race?

In a rubber duck race, individuals who would like to engage pay an entrance fee to compete, which might include the purchase price of the rubber snowball where they will race. In other circumstances, entrants provide their own rubber ducks. On a great day, the ducks are concurrently released into a local river or stream, and float downstream into a predetermined site. The first duck to cross the finish line is declared the winner, and frequently receives a given prize.

Rubber Duck Rush Planning

Though that the concept of a rubber ducksrace fundraiser is straightforward, there are a couple of practical considerations to bear in mind. Allow at least 2 weeks for collecting equipment and registering entrants. The ducks should all be suitably numbered or otherwise marked in order that they may be readily identified at the conclusion of the race. Should you determine that you’d love to make things simple on your own participants and supply the ducks, make sure you factor those costs to your entrance fees.
To keep entry fees down, then set a target of how many racers you would love to need to achieve yourfundraising goal– in case you want to raise $5000, for instance, you might get a thousand participants pay $5 per cent, or five million participants pay $1 per. Deciding the appropriate ratio is vital, and also in large part is going to be depending upon your own volunteers. How many do prompted helpers would you have that are going to have the ability to register racers in their colleges, places of business, and during your community?

Where to Hold a Rubber Duck RaceRubber snowball races could be held anywhere you’ll get a wonderful river, however they frequently work best in rapid running streams and creeks, where your rubber ducks are far not as inclined to become stuck across the banks. Creeks and streams are also often more appropriate for seats and audiences, and supply shallow spots for starting the ducks and collecting them in the conclusion of the race.