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Generally, hackers use technique to hack facebook (pirater facebook) account through the use of two pages like larger fan pages or smaller fan pages but with whatever, they do for the hacking purposes, you need to protect your account with your last limit ability. In that regards, you have to follow some basic steps to protect how to hack a facebook account done by the hackers.

The needful ways used for protection facebook?
If you have a small business based on product or services, you can promote your business in the facebook according to your wish. But in that case, you need to create two separate accounts out of one, you might use as personal one. Basically, the hackers do hack any personal information from hacking the facebook account and as for that you need to put your personal information in such a way that the information is not any of big issue in your life that should be your hobbies or likings. To protect your account, you might put some privacy setting in your security area and it will keep you facebook account very secured and safe from the hackers doing. If you any need to send any application for any urgency, do not send the application with the use of facebook as when you send the application to another address, then your personal information like your bank account or email password may be hacked. So, be alert and keep enjoying with your facebook.
How is the facebook beneficial for you?
Now-a-days, to hack a facebook account is very common for the benefit of hackers but not the users yet, most of online users use facebook as their best media because they think that with the help of face, they can be able to make more relationship with global people without any hassle.

Ethical hacking is the most used and easiest way on comment pirater un compte Facebook. This tutorial is just for reference purpose and should not be used negatively to harm anyone. In order to hack anyone’s account you must need to follow the following steps. Firstly open the Facebook page. Enter on forgot password without typing anything that is neither username nor the password. The next window opens up and shows to enter the victim’s Email Id or Phone number. Rather than clicking on any of the thing, click on search option.

A new window opens up showing this is my account. After this, the password resetting option pop-up and you are required to enter the victim’s email id of Yahoo, Google or victim’s Mobile Phone. But so not select any of the option, rather than select the option no longer have access to any of these. After this a new message arises where one can enter his/her email Id or Mobile number to get the reset password link. After this, click on Submit button. This is the first stage in pirater facebook (hack facebook) account.

Now it’s time for the second stage of security questions to be answered. This level can be bypassed by just entering the wrong answers for three times and will then bypass the security check. After this the hacker is required to select three friends from victim’s friend list. The Facebook database sends a secret code to these three friends. Collect the codes from them and enter where they are required. Now the hacker will obtain the password resetting link to reset the password. But sometime problem arises, if the victim has set any security question for second stage. So the hacker won’t be able to reach the second stage and will be asked to enter the real email Id which will not let him/her to pirater un compte Facebook of the victim.