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Stretcher bar is made of wooden material that is used by the artists to mount their canvas painting in homes and offices. These canvas stretcher bars are available in different sizes and shapes in online. You need to buy superior quality of this bar from the reliable store at a very competitive price. This stretcher will lift up the appearance of the canvas artwork. Both wood and stretcher are used to provide easy stretching. This also boosts the longevity of the canvas. It is crucial for the artists to pick the right size and material stretcher to fit their canvas painting in it. Prior to selecting the stretcher, you need to keep the canvas size, texture and weight in mind.

Here are a few types of stretcher bars that are available in the market

Medium standard duty stretcher bar: This type of stretcher bar is also called as standard bars that have circular edges which keep friction of stretching at bay. It gives multiple faces of canvas to the user. This totally reduces the stress on the canvas and provides ample support for the person carrying out stretching work. More importantly, this helps the craftsmanship to complete the work in a short span and with a great perfection.

Light duty: This type of stretcher bar is commonly used in small scale industries and in giclee prints. The beaded edges of this bar will hold the canvas rigidly while keeping the bar parts flat. The rounded edges will cut down the stress on the canvas and let the person to do the farming with perfection. This is uniformly stretched in all directions besides giving smoother edges.

Heavy duty: These are quite expensive compared to the other types of UKstretcher bars. This is chosen by the artists who are doing an expensive artwork. This adds a great value to the artwork and is often used in print work and stretching.

For every artist there are different things which are to be added to make his painting a great one. One of the most important things is stretcher. With this stretcher, they can easily paint canvas. Without worrying about any additional details, many people are selecting these best agencies to get these stretcher bars.


There are many people who have a habit of painting. But they have no idea on how they can make canvas painting. First of all they have to find a place where they can mount their canvas. It is required that they have to find best ways to get these details. As many people are trying to paint canvas, there are many stores which are selling these canvas related products. But all of these products are not safe. With help of Canvas Stretcher Frame, people can easily fulfill their need of mounting canvas. There are best agencies which are offering wooden stretcher bars.


Now days, people are not able to spend extra time to search for best stretcher bars. There are different stores which are selling these products. People are facing many problems on how they can select these agencies and get required stretcher bars. Many people give importance to UK stretcher bars. These bars are perfect and people will never face any kind of issues with these bars. They will find required facilities in this bar. It is required that people need to select best stores by checking all details. Then only they can solve their problem here. Without worrying about any additional details, people can get required stretcher bars here. In this way many people are saving their efforts in buying all required products related to their canvas. There are many stores which are offering their services people are choosing genuine stores for their products. It is sure that they can get required products from these best stores.

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What’re gold bar purities?

Purities may be summed up into three. These are 100, 1,000 or 10,000. But now the tendency is that gold is 99.99%.
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