Stage 2 melanoma treatment for skin cancer

stage 2 melanoma treatment should be given only after being identified as stage two by a doctor. Melanoma is known to have being the cause of so many deaths as it is a form of aggressive skin cancer that attacks the cells of the skin that are responsible for hair and eye color in the body. Stage 2 melanoma is known to be treated with these few approaches.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: The Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy is an approach of Stage 2 melanoma treatment that is mostly recommended for all stage 2 melanoma irrespective of the size of the cancerous growth. After this approach is done, it is now advised to carry out the surgical exercise where the cancerous tumor is removed. The purpose of the sentinel biopsy is to know and be able to measure the level of damage if any of the cancerous cells have spread to the sentinel nodes; mostly the lymph node that receives any drainage from the primary tumor might be infected. The biopsy is to determine this and as such any further treatment is only dependent on the positivity or negativity of this result.
Surgery: Stage 2 melanoma treatment would often entail going into a surgical exercise which is called a wide local excision. This would mean that the surgery would include removing every part of the tumor including the biopsy site and also the surrounding area of the skin and also the underlying subcutaneous tissue which is called the surgical margin. This is taking an extra step to ensure that every part of the tumor is well removed to prevent spread. The area taken as the width of the surgical margin is dependent on the thickness of the tumor in the first place. Recently, you can now take out a lesser amount of skin due to better advances made in medicine. Other treatment includes adjuvant therapy and some clinical trials.