Selecting the Right Drill Press for You

When working with timber, and notably rougher materials such as metal, the best drill press can make the distinction between failure and success. When buying a new device, there are a couple of qualities which can help you with your endeavors, because these features will greatly enhance your workflow and efficacy.

A drill press, also known as a pillar drill, is basically a more powerful (and less portable) form of a normal hand drill. A rotating wheel increases and lowers the drill bit, depending upon the direction you turn the wheel, which lets you drill holes in your material in different depths. These machines can be found in a number of distinct speeds. You may have one of those incredible tools for if you require exact drilling, combined with a great deal of power — power which you just are not able to locate on a normal hand drill. There are lots of useful features that help enhance your efficiency and workflow — especially when working with larger jobs. Below are a few of the qualities that which you need to look at.

Model Type

There are two types of best drill press — a floor design and also a bench top version. A floor design is typically better for large scale projects, since there are a broader selection of accessories available, whilst seat top versions are typically a better purchase for smaller jobs or if you have to conserve space within a smaller store.
Depth Stop

A depth stop is a system which ensures that all holes that you drill are in constant depths. A depth stop is extremely useful once you’re drilling lots of holes, and you also want their depths to become constant. For instance, you may want a thickness stop if you want to drill 20 holes, each at just two deep into the substance where you are working. The depth stop will help to be certain that each of the holes have the right depth.


You’ll need more horsepower to be able to drill bigger or thicker holes through rougher substances, such as strong metals, particularly steel or iron. The more horsepower, the more the better off you’ll be, and the more demanding the more substance you’ll be able to deal with.