Penis Extenders Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, I will answer commonly asked questions about penis extenders.

How much time should I wear the penis stretcher?

You should use it on daily basis, however, it’s ok if you skip a day. You should wear it up to 8 hours a day – do not exceed eight hours! You should also do breaks every two hours approximately!

I’m 51 years old; can I use the penis extender?

Positive, age doesn’t matter I’ve posted pictures of 60 years old man that actually gained some pretty good results.

Are there any cheaper devices on the market?

Yes, you can buy cheap penis extenders on eBay and sites like that but I don’t recommend that because the build quality is bad, they’re likely to break and they get rusty! I personally don’t buy cheap gadgets when it comes to my own body which is the most valuable thing that I have. Spend a couple more bucks but be sure that you’re buying a quality product from a respectable company with great support and guarantee. Furthermore, I’ve received some complaints from people that purchased a cheap penis extender and it made their penis curves because the tension on the rods was unequal – if you’re willing to risk your body for a hundred bucks go ahead. I stick to quality when it comes to my body. Learn more at

Are penis stretchers a scam?

No. they’re not. I’ve provided enough images and facts that prove it! Enlarging the length and girth of your penis is possible, although the gains differ from one person to another, and it also depends on which product you’re using, most people experience satisfying gains in a short period.

Do you gain any girth (width) by wearing the penis extender

Yes, you’re likely to gain around 25% of your initial girth size.
Could you post any instructions on how to wear the stretching device properly?
There are tons of videos explaining how to use the device here’s one of them.

Do you recommend penis enlargement pills?

No, I don’t, as I’ve mentioned before, penis enlargement pills are a waste of time and money – not to mention that some of them may cause damage to your kidney and terrible side effects! Furthermore, even if you gain any length of pills (most likely you won’t) it’s temporary so it’s neither worth the money nor the effort!

How comfortable is the penis extender?

At the first couple of days it’s a bit uncomfortable but after a week your body adjusts itself to it and you begin to put it on and take it off quickly and easily, it needs a bit of patience but it’s worth the effort.

Can I go out with the device?

I personally wear it with jeans when I go out sometimes, it depends on what you’re wearing and how tight your pants are but it’s definitely possible.

Do you think it’s worth the money?

Every penny. I cannot put a price on the confidence I’ve gained from having a larger penis. I do understand that the price does seem steep for a device that you’ve never tried. However, money-back guarantees are in place to help doubters, allowing them to try it out. If you are wanting a larger penis, give it a shot! Do make sure you choose a company that has a money-back guarantee though and make sure you are ready to invest many hours into this. You are NOT going to see results after using it for a few hours. It takes a lot of patience, but if you’re willing to put forth the effort, penis enlargement is real.

Are there risks involved with penis stretchers?

No, if you use it properly the risks of making damage is pretty low considering the risks involved with the penis enlargement surgery or side effects caused by the usage of pills and patches. The penis extender forces the body to extend the inner spongy tissues naturally by applying a small amount of pressure.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, that’s why you need to wear the device for that much time – so that your body gets used to the changes made by the tension device and “saves” the state of stretched penis thus allowing more blood to flow in making the results permanent.

What is the average penis size?

It differs amongst different societies but on average it’s around 15 cm.