MapleStory Game and its popularity

With the advancement in technology, the internet has made it possible for the people to get entertained in many ways. Online games are one of the great sources of entertainment. These games can actually serve as great stress buster. Their popularity is increasing day by day. They appeal most to the youth. Moreover, the multiplayer games take the excitement and entertainment to whole new level. An added advantage of multiplayer games is the fact that they involve a lot of players, so it takes the interaction further. They are the one of the newest forms of socializing. One such game is Maplestory, which can be played through Maplestoryservers.

Maplestory is a multiplayer online role-playing game which is developed by Wizet, a South-Korean company. It’s a popular game and has many versions available for different countries. It has been updated again in 2015. The game is all about travelling the maple world, developing character’s skills, killing monsters, etc. Players can control the game through mouse and keyboard. Different players can connect through chatting, trading, and playing mini games. Maplestory can also be played through variousmaplestory private servers. One of its features is Cash shop, in which players can use real time currency to buy things like avatar, digital pets, and other items. The cash shop items get expired after a particular time. Players can also get a permit to set up their own in-game store in free market.

Maplestory private server is owned and operated by private parties, that is definitely not affiliated by Nixon which is the authoritative publisher. Though Maplestory is a free game, but a lot of players still play through private servers because of multiple reasons. But, indeed it’s a very popular game as according to some statistics, as of 2014, Maplestory was among top ten MMOs in terms of revenue.