Is it a Good Idea to Use a Registered Office Service Provider?

Hiring a Registered Office Service supplier has a variety of benefits.

Businesses which lack a presence in the United Kingdom are obliged to set up that a UK office or employ a UK Service supplier when starting a UK company. All UK companies need to hold a registered office within their state of incorporation.

Smaller start-up businesses are generally based in the Mailing Address of a manager or company. If a company employs a residential address as its registered office, that address will appear on the public record at Companies House and also needs to be revealed to customers, providers, etc on all sorts of correspondence and communications. Employing a UK supplier gives this kind of company an official business address, possibly enhancing its standing.

Since October 2009 managers, investors and other officers of this company may provide a ‘service address’ instead of the residential address, in order that residential addresses no longer need to appear on the Companies House register available to be scrutinized by the general public. Employing a UK Registered Office Service as your supervisors’ service address means that you may keep your residential addresses private.

The service is generally inexpensive and will typically also supply:

• All of the necessary resolutions and filings to inform Companies House of this alteration of your registered office location. Alternatively, and in the event the supplier can also be a company formation agent, your company might be formed together with the address from the start to make sure your private address never appears about the public register.

• Forwarding of a reasonable volume of post (typically, this includes all post from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs and also a range of other miscellaneous things per year).

• Acceptance of mail requiring a signature (for example registered post).

• Displaying the name of your company in the registered office.

• Additionally, the following could be contained by different arrangement:

• Secretarial services for your company.

• Forwarding bigger amounts of post into a choice of address.

• Parcels may also be approved and forwarded.

• The Holding of your company’s paychecks.

Getting the most of a UK Mailing Address supplier has a lot of benefits, particularly for businesses with no physical existence in the United Kingdom and for the ones which don’t have a real business address of the own and/or desire their residential address to stay private.