Instagram Followers amazing experience

It is amazing how rapidly the technology is changing; most of the individuals find it difficult to keep up with the number of social networking sites that come up every day. The number of social networking sites keeps on increasing, Face book, twitter, tumblr and recently a new networking site which has become well known with the public, particularly the younger users, is called Instagram. Instagram is a social networking service which helps the users to share photographs and videos, after using filter to improve them, with their friends and family. Like other social networking sites, Instagram users also have a group of dedicated buy instagram followers, who comment on videos and photographs posted on Instagram. Psychologists have long pondered on the phenomenon of approval from the society as a tool of gaining self confidence and importance in the immediate social circles. Instagram provides rich evidence how important it is to gain popularity in the society.

It is easy to understand why an individual needs the approval from a close circle of friends and family, but it is hard to comprehend why he needs approval, comments, likes and dislikes from total strangers on his defining experiences or moments in his life. Unless one is an actor, a popular singer or an important political figure it is difficult to appreciate how individuals open their moments of privacy to a group of Instagram followers. One explanation is the instant gratification that one gets from the number of people who follow your actions is heady and instantaneous.
Instagram, along with other micro blogging sites, like twitter and tumblr is an easy way to connect with family, friends and generally with others in the society, who follow the same hobbies and interests that are important to you as a person. The number of instagram followers increases the self importance of a person and improves his or her standing in the society. This shows that there are many reasons why instagram followers are important for its users.