If you value the exclusivity choose wooden hookahs

Do you know the Narguile? Also known as Shisha, Hookah, Hookah or simply water pipe, if you have the habit of smoking, you have probably tried it and verified that smoking Shisha is a sensual experience.
The increased use of Hookah has been on the rise to become almost a fad due not only to its smell, taste, and softness but also to the experience compared to smoking cigarettes.

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We have the best guide for you to acquire the best hookah. Go through all the hookah selections and you will know which one is right for you.
When choosing the brand, the first thing you must take into account is the reputation of the manufacturer, on our page you will find the most prestigious, brands such as:
1. GSTAR 11 that have one of the best hookah designs, the best sellers since their prices are the lowest, ideal to start in the art of smoking shisha.
2. GSTAR Premium 2, in a style with two hoses.
3. Al Fakher, offer high-end models with glass finishes.
4. Sahara Smoke, advanced and very attractive, medium priced
5. Texas Hookah, a trusted manufacturer with affordable prices.
6. Midnight Chill, with 4 hoses, ideal for group sessions.
7. Pharaoh’s Queen, for those who seek the best quality, made of glass, really beautiful.
8. Wookah, wooden hookahs, is of the highest range for those who value exclusivity and style.
If you don’t know what to choose, there is a model for each according to their tastes, styles, and preferences if you smoke alone or in a group. You can choose between glass, plastic, ceramic or hookahs made of wood.