Do you like the marine areas of Dubai to make a business? In Pristine Ventures we can help you

Thanks to our knowledge acquired over the years in local businesses with outstanding results and the outstanding networks that form companies of the highest level, in Pristine Ventures we have become a kind of bridge that connects the community of the United Arab Emirates with international companies from any part of the world that want to invest in Dubai specifically.

Many companies look for the marine zone or coasts of Dubai to develop their businesses and expand their borders. These offshore zones allow the activities carried out by foreign companies to have a liberal type of regulation. On our web portal we explain these regulations in detail and we indicate what would be the best option if you want to operate your business internationally with low costs and maintaining a high level of confidentiality. Some of the main benefits would be:

An audit of the offshore company is not necessary, taxes are not applied to commercial activities carried out outside the territory of the UAE, and the registration of the company is easy, simple and very fast: only three are required seven business days to legally register an offshore company. Confidentiality is guaranteed as well as information about the directors and major shareholders of the company, the law prohibits their disclosure. There are no restrictions regarding the nationality of its directors or shareholders.

At regardless of your choice, we are dedicated to providing a service in your search. Taking advantage of the deep knowledge of the local market in the Middle East and all its connections with the most important companies in the United Arab Emirates, it is for them that we offer advisory services for the implementation of an easy and trouble-free company.
Do not wait any longer and contact us through our website, you will not regret!