Cut out your search for the perfect ear gauges, with SoScene

When we want to make an expansion of our ears, rather than worry about the process, we are worried about the piece that we will use as an ear gauges. Linked to this, is the fact that unusual pieces are not well known and much less sold anywhere. At this moment SoScene comes into play.

It is a virtual store that shows its customer’s exclusive designs of ear gauges pieces, of all standard sizes, which means, from the smallest, 0.8mm to the largest of all, 25mm. Taking as an example the tear-shaped stone, where the color of the stone can vary, as well as its shape. It also has more sophisticated designs, such as gold-plated designs with a teardrop shape and gems around the edge of it. The prices of all designs vary due to the materials used for their production. However, they do not exceed $ 16 the most expensive piece, so they retain an affordable price these innovative designs.
The payment method used by this store is through Paypal, although it is also available to the customer if you want to pay directly on the page with your credit or debit card.
This extensive search for the perfect ear gauges can be reduced incredibly only with the search in this virtual store, which has as its main goal to bring innovative pieces to its customers to be able to revolutionize the market of these pieces calibrating of ears, since the pieces that commonly we see in stores are mass produced, so the designs are not renewed and improvements are not made to existing ones. With just one click, it is possible to find the perfect piece, at a good price and innovative design, counting with a single piece, without the extensive search path that is accustomed to traversing. Crop the search, with SoScene.