All the Technical high-lights of carding forum

carders forum is a site which helps a huge number of people who willing to work in dark markets or those people also who want to make a deal with the darknet market dealers. To hide the real identity of those people who are dealing with this market is hiding through Bitcoin market. In this market, dealers only use bitcoin currency to hide the type of currency they use, where they use and in how much amount they use such XYZ currency.

This site also hacks multiple online transactions which are done through various online payment platforms like PayPal, U Kash, E Pay, Pay ZA, etc. This site also hacks your bank account through which one can do all his online transactions. This can be only possible if you can use online banking. They can sell your bank details to thieves of various countries through carding forum.

Highlights of carding forum are:
• Do not store IP addresses in their database.
• Every time remove date and time from your database.
• If a thread of your account is not active for a long time, then please Close/Lock the site.
• Add your contact details while posting your deal on the site.
• Here you can read personal messages instantly.
• Unread personal messages are deleted within 48 hrs. of sending the message.
• To unlock all the features and hidden sections of this site.

One can make multiple deals from this site like Jabber, XMPP. If one can want to delete this account from the database of carding forum, you have to pay $ 5 us dollar for this task. Even you have to pay to unlock all the features and hidden sections you should pay $ 50 us dollar.
Carding forum can work for those persons who sell the details of your card, and even they can earn by selling stolen items.