A complete study of the scary maze game

With advancement in technology and graphics, the effect can be felt in the games. The game market has been flooded with different types of games. scary maze game is one of them. This game has different levels included in them. As the level increases the maze game becomes tougher. After playing the first level the game will appear to be very easy but the situation is not completely the same as it seems to be, there are very few people who have achieved success at the very first go. Normally people fail several times before one can complete all the levels. At this point, it is important to hold patience. The final level will take much time as it is the hardest one. As the end of the maze will appear the photo of Linda Blair playing the character of Regan McNeilin the movie The Exorcist along with a sudden loud sound. Such a situation scares the players to an extreme extent. The game is scarier with the updates in the versions.

Things to be kept in mind while playing this game
• This is not a game to be played in front of people who are fifty years old and above. It can cause severe effects and even lead to a heart attack which can be life taking.
• It should be avoided by people with heart diseases or players should not play this game in front of such people.
• The lights of the room are space where one is playing is recommended to be kept on, this will reduce any the scare.
• The scarier series can be avoided as the faces that pop up are really breathtaking.
• One should stay a bit alert after reaching the fourth level as the face can pop up any time after that.